Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For the present nothing, for the future everything

I wanted to share this because it so closely ties to what I posted last week. My dad sent me this link as an encouragement and I have read it several times. I feel like I'm in a very dark, dismal, and lonely place in my life right now. These words resonate with me and give me some hope. I continue to feel like nothing's changing...I'm waiting, waiting, waiting...and nothing's changing. Perhaps comparing my current state to walking through the fire is dramatic, but I love the analogy in terms of the refining process. I love the opening lines of this devotional, " The process of discovering, processing, purifying, and shaping gold is a lengthy, painstaking process. Affliction is gold in the making..." So in the present, I see and feel nothing changing. My current fears, doubts, and uncertain future seem insurmountable. But with courage and heart, I find reassurance that my future is being shaped as I'm waiting. "That's what's happening. For the present time, nothing. For the future, everything!"