Monday, July 11, 2011

Lindsay's Wedding- A Sneak Peak

My beautiful sister was married on Saturday. It was a special, memorable day. Check out this sneak peak picture of them by the amazing photographer Michelle VanTine! She took Lindsay and Dan to a nearby children's park with a carousel and got some awesome pics! I LOVE the colors, pose, and this sweet moment she caught between the newlyweds.

michelle vantine photography DC Alexandria weddings: Forget -Me -Not Mondays!

Monday, July 4, 2011

What's More American than Country Music?

My summer playlist mostly consists of country music as I'm driving in the car or getting ready each morning. Lady A, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, Zac Brown Band, and Keith Urban to name some favs. There's something nostaligc and unequivacocally American about country music.
Being the patriotic and American history-loving girl that I am, July 4 is one of my favorite holiday celebrations. BBQ, apple pie, lemonade, tank tops, fireflies, flip-flops, fireworks, friends and family commemorate our Founding Fathers' determination to lay the foundation for liberty and justice in the new nation.
Country music pays tribute to the American spirit. As you celebrate today and give thanks for the freedom you enjoy each day in this great land, take some time to listen to some of the music that is grassroots and devoted to American pride. Happy Birthday, USA!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Do the Next Thing

I had coffee with a friend on Friday during my lunch hour. She shared with me some nuggets of simple truth and encouragement that have been replaying in my mind. The one I have found myself reflecting on most this weekend is to just "do the next thing." When I'm feeling unmotivated, disappointed, or lethargic I am telling myself to do the next thing. One step at a time is very manageable.
I can get carried away with plans and looking too far down the path. As much as I love planning and being prepared, it can sometimes get overwhelming when I don't think I can accomplish all that is set before me. I can shut down and do absolutely nothing.
Recently, just since school finished for the summer, I have become a casuality of this shut-down. I have been unproductive, lazy, and uncharacteristically scattered. And of course, I need to remedy this. So the idea that I just have to do the next thing might just work for me when I find myself in this condition.
I love to-do lists and prioritizing my tasks, so if I can just do the next thing on my list, I will slowly make progress. Let's not get too eager lists aren't very long at this point. Today on my list: post a blog entry. Check.