Friday, December 23, 2011

But the World Didn't Know

Two days until Christmas.  My to-do lists are done, my gifts are wrapped, and I'm ready.  Not until today have I felt myself relax, have a rest, sit and think.  I have been thinking about the days leading up to the first Christmas, Christ's birth.  There were no stockings to hang, trees to trim, cookies to bake, or gifts to wrap.  There was no Christmas before Christ.  Was anyone prepared for the Savior to enter the world?  Who was waiting expectantly other than Mary and Joseph and their close relatives and friends who knew of the Angel Gabriel's message to Mary?  What was it like the night before Christmas?
One of my favorite Christmas songs is by Brandon Heath.  The lyrics contemplate this very mystery..."The Night Before Christmas".  There was an empty manger that became the birthplace of the King of kings, Lord of lords, the Prince of Peace.  Jesus was about to be born.  But the world didn't know.  "Empty manger, perfect stranger...about to be born."

Merry Christmas to you! 
Luke 2:10-11


  1. love, love, love the idea of you blogging! and so excited you put this up for your first post! :)

  2. ok - so how stupid am I? did NOT realize that you have been blogging all year - how did I miss that? please just disregard my first comment! But I do love the post! :)